Create jewels that inspire a fulfilling life!

Our handmade Aura Cleansing Manifestation Jewels & Gifts have been infused with aura cleansing properties. Each personalized piece is cleansed with sage and charged by the moon to bring positive energy vibrations that protect and enhance your aura. 

We specialize in creating customized wearable charms and jewels, perfect for manifesting and protecting your dreams. Our bejeweled apparel exudes positive vibrations and brings a cozy sweetness to your wardrobe with unique customizable charms. Aura Sugar’s home decor collection brings magic to your space while clearing your home’s aura, as each mystical item is charged by the moon. We love to help you create physical objects that remind you to manifest your dreams and intentions!

Handmade in the USA by Lindsay Montgomery, Corinne & Taylor Olympios

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